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Relationship Pain

The survival manual for the stormy seas of relationship life.

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1. The Power of Positive Feedback
2. Every Patient Contact Counts
3. Trauma and Traumatic Growth - Helpful New Insights

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“Dr. Schillace’s luncheon seminar “EVERY PATIENT COUNTS –THE MICRO RELATIONSHIP” helped our staff realize how even very brief interpersonal contacts can be important in the care of the patient and in reducing staff stress.”
- Laurie K., Center for Advanced Orthopedics

“Our staff learned from Dr. Schillace’s concept “THE MICRO RELATIONSHIP” that even the briefest patient-staff interactions can have a profound and enduring positive and negative effect.”

“Dr. Schillace’s program “EVERY PATIENT CONTACT COUNTS” taught us the value of being aware of our impact on patients even during very brief and seemingly benign contacts.”