Ralph Schillace, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Work

Enrichment that Helps Improve Lives

Problems of daily living for normal personalities, especially relationship issues, are most interesting to me. Activating personal potentials in actualizing personalities is a primary driving force. When my clients grow and reach their goals, I grow, too. Personal growth for all involved is the excitement and motivation for me.

I am an active, interpersonal therapist. I employ all the tools available in an integrated, eclectic style. Coaching, counseling, behavioral analysis, active listening, cognitive change are some of the concepts that guide me. I rely heavily on the relationship I develop with my client and use it as the foundation for any techniques I employ. Many of my clients volunteer “My previous therapist never talked. Your direct comments and interactions are very helpful to me.”

For me, counseling and psychotherapy are normal life processes. They can be a contributing part of our lives at anytime. They are an enrichment and help make things better even when they are already okay. Psychotherapy is the medium for the study of lives out of which come helpful self knowledge for whatever success we seek.

// Clinical Work

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
(Lao Tzu)