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My speaking program is centered around the following 50 minute presentations, which are appropriate for adult, profit and non-profit organizations. Each speech is a separate program, not linked to the other speeches.

  1. The Power of Positive Feedback
    Humans are feedback seeking missiles. Positive feedback empowers, acknowledges and validates. Those who emit positive feedback are sought after and emerge as influential leaders and managers. They contribute to the development of a positive culture at work and elsewhere. But most of us do not use this life-changing and life-saving interpersonal skill as much as we can. We overlook an all-important learning curve that is necessary to develop the highest level of the skill and we squander opportunities in everyday life to use it. This speech elucidates the skill, power and impact of effective positive feedback expressed in the hundreds of normal interpersonal interactions in our lives.
  2. How to Have a Good Life in Bad Times
    The circumstances of our lives are variable. As the song goes, “some days are diamond, some days are stone”. Our lives are works in progress. Accepting change and unpredictability helps us cope with the stresses and demands of our reality.
    The constant in our lives is our inherent ability to cope. But we must know we have this ability and the drive and skills that go with it. Taking the time to assess our resources and to activate the belief in our abilities is a first step in coping, surviving and thriving. The steps that follow the awareness amplify our strengths. Survivors of life’s losses and traumas alert us to the depth and breath of our capabilities. I share in this speech what I have learned in my extensive clinical practice where I have studied lives, especially as they respond to high impact life events.
  3. The Rat is Always Right: tools for better relationships in love, family and work.
    We swim in a sea of relationships at work, at home and in our love life and we are often unaware of why we feel and act the way we do. There are more times than we like to admit where we are responding in ways we don’t understand or don’t desire –automatic and involuntary reactions out of our control. We can identify and practice the skills of effective relationships. We can raise our awareness to our personal style and degree of effective relating. Nothing is more valuable in all our enterprises than how we relate to others.
  4. Every Patient Contact Counts.
    Every contact with medical personnel, from security at the entrance to the ER to the nurses and doctors in intensive care, is a memorable, significant impact event for patients and their families. Patient sensitivity and anxiety make them hyper-aware of all points of contact with personnel. Staff attitude, tone of voice, touch and body language leave a positive or negative impression that affects patient recovery, compliance and follow through. Patient litigation is determined by the relationships with doctors and hospitals and all the staff in between more than any objective mishap that may have occurred. This staff training and keynote presentation, based on a wide range of patient experiences, awakens awareness to these vital issues and motivates medical personnel to make every contact positive and authentic.

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