A word from Dr. Schillace

The right thing, said or read at the right time, in the right way, to the right person can change a life. I have learned this from over 40 years of

being a teacher and a psychotherapist.

I’ve learned it from surviving challenging events in my own life and from helping others survive and thrive. Some “right words” have been gifted to me

when I needed them.  

My gratitude motivates me to share some of this wisdom in these mini books. My sincere wish is that they find the right person at the right time

to help and even to change a life.

Now available:

 Ralph Schillace mini-books*

in PDF format for digital download only.

Small enough to print and carry with you!

*Hard copies are available by contacting Dr. Schillace directly

through the contact form below).  

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Readers Write:

As a retired firefighter and bereaved parent, I have found Dr. Schillace’s mini-books a life saver. The ideas he shares help with troublesome memories and give hope that one can cope with life’s difficulties. The books are portable comfort and guides that can be turned to frequently during the day.

Craig A. 

Retired Firefighter

We make Dr. Schillace’s books available in our pharmacy for our customers. The minibooks are “snapped up” by customers with a variety of concerns. There is often a delighted comment when they discover the books. Later, we hear how helpful they have been and are asked if there are more books. We are proud to be part of  Dr. Schillace’s professional effort to help our customers with problems of daily living.

Tasnim H.


We’ve made Dr. Schillace’s mini books available to our clients at our exercise facility, MOVE STRONG, Medicine For Movement, and for our physical therapy patients. They are popular and we get feedback that they are handy and useful. They provide helpful, psychological information in a brief format that can be carried with you and referred to frequently.

Shawn Z. 

Exercise Physiologist

I have used Dr. Schillace’s minibooks with my clients in counselling and psychotherapy. They always give me glowing reports of how helpful the books are. Some carry a book with them and refer to it frequently. My clinic has purchased a number of the book on Trauma and made it available to Firefighters in a program we have to raise the awareness of the importance of mental health care for a stressful profession. I highly recommend these books as small but useful tools.

James B.

Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Schillace and I have given well-received university lectures on the psychological experiences from loss and trauma life events. I can attest to his competence which comes from over 40 years of combined fulltime university teaching and clinical practice. His minibooks have been well received by my patients and their families. They find the information clear and timely. The convenience of a small “read” may be especially helpful in our very busy world.

Joseph M., MD

Plastic Surgeon