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Coping with Loss



Loss of one sort or another occurs in every life. Few lives if any escape the experience of loss. And in each life, it can be a very different experience.


Loss is a choiceless change-the removal of something positive. We may think of the ulti- mate loss as the death of a loved one, but it can be many other life events as well. It can be a significant negative change in health, finances, status or any life circumstance. Sometimes a seemingly positive event, such as a promotion at work, a new relationship or even winning the lotto, can result in a sense of loss. Most of these situations require that we adjust, adapt or endure an upheaval in our life.


It is a false dream to expect a life without imposed and unwanted change. Expecting tur- bulence as we fly through life will prepare us for the jostling when it occurs. With this perspec- tive we are not caught off guard and, in fact, we normalize the inevitable upheaval. Additionally,

if we believe that no matter what surprises are in store for us, we will be capable of handling them, we have already done a major piece of coping.


The following guidelines are meant to help you have a healthy coping with loss.

Coping with Loss

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